Trigger Point Injections in NYC

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Very often, you can’t manage or relieve continuing pain with at-home methods, over-the-counter pain relievers or other alternative methods. When you visit a top-rated pain doctor in Manhattan, you first receive a diagnosis so you know where your pain originates, and then you’re provided the latest pain treatment options available, such as trigger point injections. At New York pain management, your pain doctor listens to your concerns and works diligently to help you live pain-free.

Triggers aren’t just psychological. Trigger points are small knots that form in your skeletal muscles or in the tissue surrounding muscles called fascia. Trigger points can lead to chronic pain, headaches and other muscle pain.

Trigger points are sensitive, so any pressure on them causes localized pain or referred pain. You feel referred pain in another part of your body, away from the trigger point or injury. Trigger points may occur due to a number of factors, such as:

  • Micro-traumas from repetitive motion
  • Acute injury
  • Muscle tension from stress
  • Inflammation

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